5 Best Wine Tasting and Winery Tours in Vienna.



This visit takes you on a disclosure of the various sides to Vienna. Your proficient local escort will zero in on an aggregate of 6 unique points from the at various times, permitting you to rapidly perceive how the city has quite a lot more to bring to the table than simply the well-known attractions. Toward the end you will be important for an exceptionally select wine sampling of 3 distinct wines at a non-public Middle age Viennese wine basement.


1) Countryside Half Day Wine Tour in Vienna.

Leave the busy streets of Vienna behind and immerse yourself in the Reinverted wine region. Relax in comfortable and convenient round-trip transportation from your hotel as you take in the countryside scenery. Meet the owners of three local wineries and enjoy a total of 10 to 12 glasses of regional wine. After a traditional Austrian dinner, unwind during the return journey to your accommodation.

2) Wine X1 Tours IN Vienna.

Book now your personal tour with the fully air-conditioned WeinX1 mobile for max. 8 persons. It will be a shared adventure among friends. Included in the price: A fun picnic in a special place. Transfer departure point and all other travel expenses. Endless fun. WeinX1 stands for an adventurous day among friends. That means we adapt the adventure to your needs. I will put together an individual and customized tour with you. One thing I promise you – it will be an unforgettable adventure.

3) Evening Wine Tasting in an exclusive cellar.

Do you love having a chat while tasting wine with friends? Or discovering new wines while expanding your knowledge and palate? Maybe you just like meeting new people and trying new things? Either way, this Wine Tasting experience is for you! It balances knowledge, fun, and delicious wines and is for all levels of wine enthusiast. After a brief overview of Austria’s illustrious wine history, main wine regions, climate, and grape varieties, we’ll begin our tasting. I’ll teach you how to evaluate wine in a way that will impress your friends.


4) Viennese Wine Tasting in a Historic Roman Wine Cellar.

Since time immemorial, around 700 hectares of wine have been cultivated within Vienna’s urban area. The roots of viticulture here go as far back as the Romans, who populated the city two thousand years ago. But what exactly is left of the former empire in Vienna today and how is that related to Viennese wine? Get to the bottom of these questions in the truest sense of the word with a wine tasting in the city’s deepest wine cellar.


5) Private Vienna Woods Wine Tour.

Lower Austria is the cradle of Austrian viticulture, so we want to take you to the beautiful forests & vineyards of the Thermal Region, just south of Vienna. Home to traditionally quaint wine villages and some unique local varietals, we showcase the finest in farm-to-table Austrian wine tours.


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Also visit https://wikitravel.org/en/Viennafor more information about Vienna.

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