Hiring A Professional Dog Walker Can Help Ensure That Your Pets Are Walked Every Walking Day

If you have a large dog such as a German Shepherd or Great Dane, then working with a Professional Dog Walker is essential. They are experienced in dog grooming services and can groom large groups of dogs. The dog walkers also keep their clients happy by providing a safe and healthy environment for their pets. Here are some important tips to consider when choosing a Professional Dog Walker:

Skills. A professional dog walker must possess various personal qualities, such as: Passion for animals, attention to detail, business sense, obedience training, good communication skills, knowledge of the most common breeds of dogs and any special needs animals have, and proper customer service skills. All of these are necessary, since animals are a valuable part of our lives.

Patience. Professional walkers understand that it takes a certain amount of patience to groom large groups of dogs. The longest run around a dog will not always be successful. Therefore, they take it one step at a time and gradually increase the length of the walks as they see how the dogs respond. Some professional dog walkers do offer a short-run around the block option. The dogs usually appreciate this method because it means they get some exercise in without having to worry about running around the block.

Reputation. The Professional Dog Walker you choose should be familiar with the dog walkers in your area. You should ask how many clients they have serviced. You should also inquire about their training, licensing and certification status. The Professional Dog Walker should provide you with references if you are unable to locate them.

Leash Use. Many professional dog walkers need leashes. Leashes are important for safety reasons. You should choose a leash that feels comfortable for your pet. Most pet owners prefer the use of leather leashes because they feel secure, especially for larger dogs.

Insurance. Insurance is vital when operating a dog walking business. This is so that in the event your dog is injured or hurt, you will be covered. Injuries can occur anywhere; road accidents, heavy equipment falls, cold weather exposure and injury from traffic. No matter where your dog walks on your property, you should be prepared in case something untoward occurs. Ask the professional dog walker, you choose what kind of insurance he or she carries.

Licensing. Although most states do not require dog walkers to be licensed, it is advisable for you to verify that they are properly trained. The licensing process includes vaccinations, background checks, training and certification.

Ask for references. References are critical when evaluating potential professional dog walkers. Ask people who have had experience with the dog walkers you are considering hiring. Ask about their satisfaction with the service, as well as the frequency of their call-backs. When you ask people like former customers how satisfied they are with their dog walkers, you will know if the company is worth working with.

Observe the dog walker’s work. You can evaluate the dog walker’s work by observing him or her to walk the dogs in his or her yard. Professional dog walkers know which areas of the yard are best suited for walking certain breeds of dogs. Ask the professional dog walker you are considering whether or not he or she has special breeds of dogs that need specific walks.

Choose the time of day that works best for you. Some breeds of dog will do better if they are walked in the morning. Others, such as Retrievers and Great Danes, need to be walked at night. Ask the dog walker you are interested in hiring about the type of schedule, he or she follows in order to care for each dog.

Make your visit more informative. It is not enough to just take a look at the yard and the pet. If you don’t already know much about pet care, dog walking may seem like a waste of time for you. If you bring along someone who does, it will help make the visit more informative.

Choose a trained individual to walk with your pet. Ask the Professional Dog Walker about the training he or she receives every single walk. Walkers are trained to control large groups of dogs on a leash. They have learned how to keep the walkers calm while the dogs to walk, how to handle the leash while walking, and how to stop the walker when they get ahead of the dogs. This will ensure that every single walker you bring with you remains the most reliable in your dog’s care.

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