How To Help make A new WiFi Hotspot Router From A Linksys WRT54GL

Linksys WRT54GL
Linksys unveiled the WRT54G router in 2002. It gained popularity for becoming a effective, effortlessly customizable router. Many 3rd-social gathering projects have released substitution firmware for the router which can empower it to perform capabilities not at first obtainable. It essential to buy a Linksys WRT54GL as it has ample memory to set up the third-get together firmware. Current model of the WRT54G have as well minor memory so make positive you go for the WRT54GL.

OpenWRT and X-WRT
OpenWRT is a Open up Source firmware venture for the WRT54GL router. It truly is a really modest edition of Linux which runs in place of the inventory Linksys firmware. The firmware is offered from I desire to use one more venture named X-wrt ( which is based on OpenWRT but has included a great graphical front stop for configuring the router.

To install X-WRT (Which could void your guarantee)

1) Obtain the openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin firmware image to your Pc
two) Open up [ grade.asp] in your browser or manually go to
[] -> Administration -> Firmware Up grade
3) Add openwrt-wrt54g-two.4-squashfs.bin
four) Wait 2 minutes. The router will reboot by itself routinely right after the improve is full.
five) You should now be ready to telnet to your router (IP tackle: and commence configuring.

Putting in a Captive-Portal.
Nearly all commercial Hotspots are Captive Portals, this appears as an Open up or Unencrypted Wifi sign but then redirects any site visitors to a certain internet page named a “Splash Web page” exactly where your frequently requested to login or acquire internet access. This is a clever way of performing things as most laptops will automatically connect to an open up WiFi sign, then when a customer operates Internet Explorer (or which at any time World wide web browser they use) they are sent to your splash web page no matter what internet site they try to link to. The most effectively acknowledged totally free captive portal application is Chillispot, which can be downloaded, and set-up, alternatively a quantity of professional companies make straightforward to use Captive Portal application, which can be put in on your WRT54GL.


In this post we have look at how powerful and flexible the Linksys WRT54GL router is. With a bit of operate you can transform it into a effective WiFi Hotspot router, which can be employed for billing your customers for Web access. Very good luck with you new task!

Third is the hardware to share the World wide web, normally you need to have a modem (from your ISP or your personal) for the Web connection. Also you would need a wireless router to share your Net link, there are many kinds of hardware with diverse capabilities to consider when choosing a router. Discover the 1 that is most suitable for your needs.

Hotspot Kinds
After you have all the physical needs to produce a general public Web WiFi, the up coming action is that you want to decide if you want to demand for your hotspot or make it cost-free. Generally spots that would cost for Internet WiFi use are hotels, tenting grounds, harbors and enterprise conferences. software hotspot that usually provide totally free Web WiFi are Cafés, dining places, waiting around rooms, and other general public regions.

There are also two sorts of hotspots that you can create. The 1st one particular is a non-control Hotspot system that you can develop straight away making use of your wi-fi router. The second one particular is a managed hotspot method, with this system you have to hook up your wireless router to a hotspot provider that enables you to handle your hotspot.

Non-managed Hotspot
If you are heading to create a Hotspot without a managed method you can setup your wi-fi router with WPA2 security password for consumers to sign up for your WiFi community to entry the Web.

There are advantages and drawbacks of non-managed Hotspot. The rewards of non-managed WiFi programs are: Quick and Effortless accessibility also nominal servicing and configuration. The Down sides of non-managed Hotspot systems are: much less safe, simultaneous use (with a single password numerous people can obtain the hotspot), susceptible to bandwidth abusers.

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