Where to Buy Moving Boxes, Packaging Peanuts, and Other Packing Supplies

Are you wondering where to purchase moving boxes? Looking for sources of free boxes? Here are some suggestions.


If you are a Costco member, check your local Costco warehouse. Some of the warehouses have kits of moving boxes that you can purchase. If your local warehouse doesn’t have boxes, you can order them online instead.

When you buy your groceries at Costco, don’t forget to grab as many of their free boxes as you can get. The boxes they use for packing groceries aren’t always suitable for moving, but sometimes you can get lucky and find intact boxes that will work. Their boxes are usually pretty sturdy.


Uline.com has affordable prices on a variety of moving boxes and other packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, packing tape, bubble mailers, and other items. They have a huge selection of different supplies. If you own items that are challenging to pack, for example, ornate mirrors or framed art, you will find some outstanding options for packaging those things. Uline.com has great service; I’ve ordered from them before, and I have been delighted with both the service and items I received from them. contruction materials delivery

The UPS Store

If you have a UPS store nearby, it is a convenient place to get packing peanuts. The one closest to me sells cheap recycled peanuts in small quantities, but you can also buy gigantic bags full of peanuts if you need large quantities. They also sell boxes, although the selection is not as wide as Uline’s. I have found that the oversized boxes available through the UPS store are competitively priced and really convenient.

Free Sources of Moving Boxes

Try checking both freecycle.org and craigslist.org. When I helped my friend move, we were able to find enough free boxes for him to pack up all his stuff.

We’ve also found free boxes while shopping at various stores. Once when we were in Staples one of the employees gave us a stack of really sturdy boxes that he had just unpacked. We’ve also acquired boxes in Kmart by asking employees for them.

If you’re friends with any local ebayers, you can ask them for ideas too. Ebayers often have sources for free or cheap boxes. Some ebayers buy boxes in bulk, and they might be willing to split an order with you if you ask.

After You’ve Moved

When you are finished moving, be sure to post the boxes and peanuts on freecycle or craigslist; it will keep them out of the landfill and also help someone else who needs them. If you don’t find any takers, you can always recycle the boxes. Boxes and packing peanuts can both be re-used. Please read my guide to recycling packing peanuts for detailed information about environmentally-friendly ways to dispose of them.


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