Why You Should really Store Meals in Glass Containers

Most of us start out off storing food in plastic food containers, but though these are OK for storing dry foods (cereal, dry pasta, lentils), it quickly becomes apparent that they just never work for storing cooked foods, liquids, anything acidic, and something that requires heating.

The plastic commence to warp and stain, and odours start off to attach to them (I once stored a garlic casserole in plastic container, and numerous years later, I can nevertheless smell the garlic, which seems to have got cooked into the plastic when I heated the container in the microwave). This is mainly because the plastic reacts with meals substances when heated.

So I switched to Glass Storage Containers and have under no circumstances looked back. 550ml glass storage jar manufacturer are not that significantly more pricey than plastic – you can get a decent set of five containers with fitted lids for about $19.99. But they look wonderful – you can place them on the dinner table with no embarrassment at all – and most importantly, they do not stain, warp, absorb smells or react in any way with the food.

I have two major sets – the Pyrex Bake n Store set, which permits me to cook casseroles, and then when the meal is over, just seal the dish with the leftovers inside, utilizing 1 of their fitted airtight lids, and then pop it into either the fridge or freezer (based on how long I want to keep it). It is then quick to get the container back out, get rid of the lid and microwave it, prepared for one more meal. I also have a set of smaller sized containers – these are for smaller leftovers (factors I’ve cooked on the hob and then transferred to the container) and for use as lunchboxes. These containers are also great for something liquid. For instance I make my own pasta sauce in industrial quantities and then retailer it in little containers, every sufficient to make a single household meal, which I can then extract as I when I will need to cook pasta.

The glass containers are also simple to clean. The only caveat I have is that you want to handwash the lids – don’t put them in the dishwasher as the seals will begin to erode and they won’t be as airtight as ahead of. The containers are also fairly difficult – I’ve dropped 1, but it did not shatter – I fully grasp this is for the reason that it is made of toughened tempered glass.

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